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Finding a company that values relationship is one of the most important factors in establishing a long term ongoing business relationship. There are many factors that contribute to a solid business relationship. One of the most important is having your print partner on the same side of the table with you when it comes to marketing your business. In other words, most printers are happy with producing a quality printed piece in a timely fashion at a competitive price.

But how many printers actually are invested in the results precipitated by that marketing effort?The sad reality is that the only reason you might hear from your printing vendor again will be so see when the next project is coming up, not how successful the recent campaign was.

HereĀ  at Colorprint, we offer an integrated, multi-channel marketing program that generates measurable results, YES you heard rightly, we can tell you exactly how many of your direct mailers were actually recieved, how many of those responded to the offer, and just how deeply they might have explored your website, or your call to respond.In Fact, when we sit down at the table with our client on projects of this nature, we start with the intended objective, and work from there. Questions like, who is your intended target, and why would they want the product or service you offer. What connection can we make to their existing desires, values and dreams that will have them take the next step and reply to your offer?


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