I want to produce a series of High Quality Posters

We are very fortunate to have been chosen by The National Institute for Women in Trades, Technology and Science: ( iWiTTS for short ), to produce and manage the distibution of a series of promotional POSTERS. The good folks at iWiTTS are helping educators close the gender gap for women in technology.

Here is a short promotional video the team at FG composed from raw video taken on my iPhone of this project on press. Although I am no longer with that firm, the video is great.

iWiTTS originally came to me for help with their distribution process. It seems the posters were arriving at their destination in less that desirable condition. At the time I was brokering print and they were very comfortable with their printing vendor in Southern CA who was close to their distribution house. I worked closely with Donna Milgram, Executive Director to identify problems with paper and shipping tubes and developed a solution that allowed their existing vendors to consistently deliver high quality product to iWiTTS clients.

I was able to deliver the aggressive pricing along with the quality and trust of a local printer, (including the ability to do live press checks), that allowed them to make the move to a local printer. We built into the project costs extra precautions for shipping to their distribution house in San Diego, CA, including insurance to cover any liability along the way. I know they are very happy with the results!

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